A Surprisingly Useful Gift

In that people who know me understand my love of the sport of horse racing and the art of horse breeding, you can imagine what kinds of birthday gifts I get. I can see my friends thinking, “What should I get for a British thoroughbred breeder?” You can bet it has to do with the equine species or something useful for life on a horse farm. It is kind of people to even think of me come birthday or holiday time and that they acknowledge my personal interests. I have many passions in life, but horses are among them. You can’t go wrong with a gift that relates to my profession. Like people who love owls, cats, birds, or dogs, you end up with an odd and rather large assortment of bric-a-brac. I have every kind of horse statue made from ceramic, bronze, wood, and polished stone. I have images of every horse breed that exists on the face of the earth. I have horse calendars, framed photos, wooden boxes with inlays of the stately animal, novels that feature horses, and shirts with the obvious print.

Imagine my surprise one particular birthday when my sister gave me something out of character. It was a backpack designed for men, and a very well made and designed one. But there was no horse logo emblazoned upon it. It had all kinds of compartments: snap and zippered. I could organize my things perfectly inside. This was a surprisingly useful gift. But where were the horses. She explained that I could put the breeding schedule in the plastic compartment that was letter paper size. I had room for anything and everything I desired to tote around whether I am on the farm or out and about. I have come to see that a good backpack is something I have been lacking. I don’t like the high-tech style with plastic-looking pseudo leather and too much metal, including zippers that are too large and showy. I loved the brown leather she selected. It reeks of “horse farm” in keeping with my lifestyle. Sisters know best.

I am going to get great use out of this backpack and I set about filling it up immediately. As I pushed and prodded to place my things gently within, I started to uncover several wrapped items. In a little tissue paper, my sister had put a small metal horse for good luck as she explained it. In another bit of tissue was a handkerchief/bandana in a horse print. I took this as a tongue in cheek gesture since she knows how I feel about all my horse paraphernalia that has been accumulating over the years. I am glad she has a sense of humor. The backpack is an ideal gift, especially if it includes room for your laptop, tablet, cell phone, wallet, keys, appointment book, and more. Practical is always best when in doubt. She knew that I would appreciate the soft supple leather and that I would prefer brown to black. I will cherish my new gift daily.