Tough Storm

The wind was fierce and roaring. It seemed to come out of nowhere and strike the innocent land. It was shaking the farmland like from inside out, wrenching it from its deep slumber. A storm of mighty proportions was upon us, the likes of which we don’t get that often. The rain followed, intense and pelting. You would say a tough storm. They come full force at times and take us by surprise, so much so that the power goes out. It disrupts every aspect of the farm. So much depends upon electricity in this modern age of horse breeding. Doesn’t this apply to most agricultural enterprises? So you have to be prepared. We actually have a series of gas generators strewn around various parts of the property to handle emergencies.

Of course, it was all hands on deck. The heavy rain seemed to make the boat analogy apropos. We had to get the generators up and running and make sure we had enough fuel. Once in a while one will go lame on you. Now there’s a horse analogy! So the farmhands were scattered to the winds trying to do their jobs. We have our daily agenda and when something disrupts it, it is tough to stay on schedule. In this case, it was an early riser’s day due to the storm, earlier than usual. We had a round of hot coffee and went out to check the horses who had been spoked by the storm noise. It would take some doing to calm them down.

I am glad we had the foresight to put in generators some years ago after a similar big storm when the power went kaput. It put us in a bind and we vowed not to let that happen again. We purchased some really good units that have given us many years of service. A generator is a modern marvel. It saved us when we were in a tight spot. You can buy them in any size you want and they are portable so you can place them as needed around the farm. I can’t praise them enough. Most people think of their homes and running a few small appliances during an outage. On a farm, it becomes much more than that. Who cares about your hair dryer or the toaster?

Running a horse breeding farm is an intense business that requires a good head and a steady pair of hands. Making simple decisions like finding the best gas generators is par for the course. It is glorious satisfying work to be with the horses, and there are moments of sheer glory; but it is full-time, responsible, and intense. Sometimes you get wiped out by a storm, but no matter. You are well prepared. I recommend the generators to anyone who has to meet responsibilities without fail. You won’t regret the expenditure. You think the storms are few and far between, but it only takes one good one to make you think long and hard about adding the expense.