What Makes a Great Racehorse?

What Makes a Great Racehorse

British Thoroughbreds are the best in the world, and for good reason. Our horses have the right combination of factors to dominate the horseracing circuit. We have set a very high bar for quality and have continuously upheld them. Just like with any other major purchase, you want to make sure that you are spending your money wisely, and that you also take care of your investment. Below are the three main factors I have found that are a good predictor of success in the British Thoroughbred world:

Breeding. Keeping meticulous breeding records allow for the ability to traceBritish Thoroughbred lineage back to one of three horses: Godolphin Arabian, ByerleyTurk, and the Darley Arabian. The standards have been perfected over the past 300 years, making our Thoroughbreds the finest in the world.  With the diverse range of public and private stud farms throughout Peopleat all budget levels can find a quality racehorse that will meet their needs. Or, if they prefer, they can hire a bloodstock agent who can trace the lineage of potential stallions or who can peruse the stud directory to find an acceptable match. There is an incredible amount of options available for those interested in a great racehorse.

Care. British Thoroughbreds are bred to be champions, but even the most genetically superior horse is going to need to be supervised by a veterinarian. This is not something to scrimp on. A high quality horse needs a high quality equine vet. If you don’t already have one on staff, look for someone who has experience in treating racing injuries and, more importantly, the care of Thoroughbreds. Also, find excellent trainers. Preferably with a history of proven performance. Winners in their past do not guarantee you a win also, but it is an incredibly good start. With the amount of money and consideration that goes into finding and breeding the perfect specimen of a horse, you should put the same amount of energy into choosing a quality team to work with him, a team with a superior education and a breadth of experience to keep your Thoroughbred at the high standard that a horse such as he deserves.

Feed. The last thing that is critically important is diet. Breeding and training can only do so much. When you are feeding your horse ‘budget’ feed with subpar ingredients, you will see subpar results. If you are purchasing a stallion, ask at the stable what he is currently eating. Check with your equine vet for recommendations so that you can tailor a diet specifically to your Thoroughbred’s needs. Invest in superior quality feed that gives your horse exactly what he needs to be successful.

Keep these things in mind if you are looking for a new horse or putting together a new team of professionals to work with you, and you are bound to see the quality difference with your own eyes. With so many options out there, you will find the hunt for the perfect racehorse both a challenge and a worthwhile achievement when completed correctly.