Stall Mucking

Stall mucking is a grueling job and one that is performed all too often on a horse farm. It is strictly manual labor, but you can avail yourself of some help from a pressure washer, and that would not be cheating. With a good one I can take care of the stalls and the rest of the barn, and other areas, in no time flat. Pressure washers come to mind for home commercial use and are pressed into operation for window sills, washing off sidewalks and driveways, removing sludge from the chimney, and general building and auto maintenance. It’s a bit different on the farm and the device is no less useful. The one I selected is a bit more heavy duty for industrial use, while it is also highly portable. The Honda engine and pump are mounted to an unbreakable lifetime guaranteed aluminum grade frame, so your pressure washing equipment investment will be a lasting one. That was important to me as a horse breeder. The unit comes assembled, tested and ready for you to use. So you have everything you need to get to work right away, a complete contractor-grade accessory kit is also included in the package with a 25 or 50-foot heavy duty hose.

There are many uses for a pressure washer beyond stall mucking so the unit will never sit idle. There are buildings and grounds that get pretty filthy. You want something durable and reliable to be sure. If you want to know the details, here they are. Driven by the popular and powerful Honda GX 200 engine, the pressure washer I bought from Water Cannon has a 2.5 GPM flow rate and provided pressure up to 3300 PSI. You see I put a lot of thought into which one. I wanted to find the best pressure washer with abundant power and one that could spray chemicals in addition to water. This it has in spades as it cooperates with ease when combined with the 4PPX Series CAT Triplex plunger pump. You do have to understand all the relevant parts including the industrial duty high pressure hose, trigger gun, wand, nozzles and soap/chemical injector.

Let’s review the standard features. You have the pressure washer frame with dual handles that has no welds, eliminating future maintenance in the event of weld failure. This won’t happen. It is thermos-sensors that prevent overheating in bypass mode and protect the pump from damage. In addition, it is an adjustable pressure throttle that allows you to adjust pressure up to 3300 PSI. Plus you get 50 mesh stainless steel inlet filters for maximally pure water flow, ten inch durable over-sized pneumatic tires for easy portability, doubly padded feet that are shock absorbing and provide stability, and a ¾ inch cold-rolled steel axle that is beyond durable and offers enduring balance. Every pressure washer of this type has a choice of hose length, 3 color-coded spray nozzles, one color-coded chemical nozzle, and a trigger gun and wand.