A Good Time was had by All

It was a glorious sunny day and the perfect occasion to take some time off from the stables. Few people get opportunities to enjoy the weather and a complete respite from their daily chores. When they do, they celebrate and choose an activity they adore. When I decided to take a day off, I had to think hard about what I wanted to do to take advantage of the time. It had to be something I don’t get to enjoy very often or what is the point of a vacation day. It is a rare treat so I contemplated my options and whether I would take someone along.

So I was in the planning stage when it came to me to include my nephew who I don’t see that often. I asked him what he would prefer and give me a few choices. He likes hiking in the wilderness, he likes attending ball games, and he hates shopping at the mall, even if it is for sporting gear. He would rather use the gear on a day off than acquire it. I mentioned that I had just been to the mall anyway and had looked at and purchased the best snorkel gear he could find. We could have some fun water recreation if that appealed to him. It did and we made plans and set a date. We were both looking forward to time together no matter what we did, but the snorkeling on a boat trip was the perfect choice to fill the bill.

My nephew had not been snorkeling, as I have, but he was very intrigued. He first of all enjoyed just going out on the boat. It was a small fishing vessel but it took people to the places that had the best snorkeling where the water was clear and the sea life abundant. I had to give him a few pointers before we set out with our equipment. It is not difficult to use like scuba gear which is a lot more complicated. You don’t need the same air tanks. For snorkeling you do need the goggles or more properly called a mask, a breathing tube, and fins. It all comes in a nice compact backpack. Some people like to wear a special shirt in a color so they can be identified by a fellow diver while both are under the water. It is simple to snorkel and unlikely to run into trouble but you should have signals between you and your companion just in case.

Your equipment could be faulty or you can get cut on a rock. On our trip, neither happened to me nor my nephew. It was a perfect time to go and the sea life was colorful and extraordinary. We wished we had an underwater camera along. It was really a change of scene for both of us and we vowed to do it at least a few times a year. My nephew had borrowed equipment but next time he would have his own. You could easily say that a good time was had by all.