First Time in a Beauty Salon

I don’t get a lot of breaks from the horse farm, but when necessity calls, I leave to run errands and take care of personal matters. Horses require a lot of attention and care so I have a helper who pitches in occasionally. For example, sometimes I must meet with a potential breeder and it is often not on the farm. I am in business after all and horse breeding is the name of my game. I try to look my best and the day before the meeting, to my horror my hair was too long. I looked like a would-be hippie. It was time for a trim. I asked a new local salon for an appointment the next morning. Getting a haircut in a fancy salon is not my usual practice, but I was in dire straits. I go to the barber as a rule, along with the rest of the guys and farmhands. At first, I didn’t want to be seen in such a place, but after striking up a nice conversation with one of the beauticians, I didn’t care. I got my trim, as good as any I have had, and continued to speak with her about what she does. It was certainly foreign territory—makeup, facials, eyebrow plucking, and eyelash extensions.

I learned something new that day. In fact, I even got a demonstration of the extensions. None of the women I know—country gals—wear them so I didn’t even know they existed. The beautician had a drawer full of different styles of lashes from short and thick to long and spidery. When I asked why women wear them, she said it was to be attractive and flirty. When they bat those lashes, everyone notices. They enhance the size of the eye, especially for those ladies with pale, thin lashes. After her description, in some detail, a pretty women came in to have new extensions put on. I watched how the special glue was applied. How on earth does it come off, I asked. Everyone laughed. You wish they would stay on longer, the beautician said. The glue wears off in about two weeks. Imagine that.

I stared, almost rudely, while this procedure was done. Apparently, it is quite common and is the stock in trade of the salon. Little did I know when I made my hair appointment. I guess it wasn’t a unisex shop. No matter. I was making new friends. I stayed until the extensions were finished and continued to speak with the salon patron. I was reading up on my cell phone when they were busy working, and discovered We discussed horse breeding of which she knew but a little. She seemed intrigued by my business and it is interesting, even to strangers. I thought to myself, something is happening here.

The end of the story is that I got her cell phone number and later gave her a call. Of course, she remembered me well. We agreed to meet in two days for coffee. Things could progress from there—and they did. We now date regularly.